Quasi Dada

Quasi Dada is a name to remember, the edgy feel of their latest track ‘Satellite’ provokes the dark soul within. Reflecting on bygone style of spaghetti western guitar, haunting vocals and driving drums will make you feel like you just stepped on to the set of a Quentin Tarantino movie.
The inspiration behind Quasi Dada comes from a fusion of contrasting musical styles to create this awe inspiring sound.
The musical collaboration between the trio that is Quasi Dada is a radioactive blend of beats, bass and guitar that is sure to get under your skin.

The collective Quasi Dada was born in the coastal mountains of northern N.S.W. All aspects of production hand crafted by the trio that is Quasi Dada….



Quasi Dada is a three piece band.

‘Satellite’ is a new song from their forthcoming album.

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Official clip to be released soon.

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