As we get closer to the completion of the album we have started to talk about playing live. Some radio gigs will probably be first then a few local ones and then some of the many festivals that are popping up around the country.

We will also be releasing some live acoustic versions very soon.

Cant wait to hit the road.

The music is quite varied in style on the album, some are very atmospheric and moody, others will jump out at you with their energy, they range from dance songs to textual ballads. They all have our unique stamp on them, hope you like them.

Here is a sneak peak of one track called Satellite, the sounds at the beginning are the actual tunes that Jupiter make whilst traveling through our Universe, amazing!




Slow Motion

This song was initially a slightly cynical comment on the use and overuse of slow motion footage in contemporary  visuals especially for music clips. It also celebrates diversity. Special thanks to Tess and Alice for their fantastic sensual input.